PlayBow Dog Day Care | Sleepovers | Training — San Francisco

Pairing your precious pup with lifelong furry friends

We are a premium doggy day care in San Francisco that provides individualized care so your precious pup can make lifelong furry friends.


Monthly Self-Evaluation Form

Please complete the form by the end of the first week of each month.  Use the performance standards posted below to complete the form. 


The criteria for each month's performance standards change occasionally.  Please read through this current month's performance standards and note any changes from the previous month.  

Canine Specialists:

  1. Training

  • Are we getting 75% of dogs to wait for 5 seconds?

  • Are we seeking out educational opportunities?

  1. Customer service

  • Are customers leaving with a smile?

  • Are we quickly answering customer emails?

  1. Overall effort and initiative

  • Are you reading our minds?

  • Is everything getting done?