Canine Specialist


Each morning, right at sunrise, a pack of young and rambunctious puppies drag their parents into our daycare, and can't wait to greet their fellow pup-mates.  The pups are full of energy and literally bouncing off the walls.  Sometimes they play with each other nicely, but other times, they play too rough.  Or they may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, and would prefer to stay away from the other dogs that day.  On top of that, the pups are prone to having accidents, usually of the pottying variety. This is where you come in. Learn more.

Canine Delivery Specialist


Each morning, right at sunrise, a pack of young and rambunctious puppies can’t wait to get to daycare so they can play with their fellow pup-mates.  But some parents can’t bring their dogs into daycare themselves.  That’s where you come in.

As a Canine Delivery Specialist, you will be in charge of ensuring the dogs make it safely to PlayBow for daycare, and return home just as safe.  The dogs' safety is in your hands.  You will be driving around approximately 10 dogs at a time, so you will need to learn how to safely and humanely handle multiple dogs while walking them on-leash.  In the beginning, you will be learning with just 2-3 dogs at a time. Learn More.

Handyman or Remodeling Contractor



Do you love to build new structures, like fences and walls?  Are you knowledgeable about concrete, and can build fences into concrete?  Are you good at installing flooring, like rubber and vinyl floors?  Are you good at making the floors waterproof, along the seams, edges, and walls?  Do you also love to fix things around the house, like the bathroom and kitchen?

Do you also happen to love dogs? Learn more.

manager in Training 

We are looking for a great leader who loves dogs.  Someone who can help us get things done.  Someone who can keep our team members motivated and elevate them to perform at the highest level.

You will need to pay attention to all the details of our business.  Everything from keeping the dogs happy, keeping our clients happy, and keeping our facility clean and organized. Learn More.