Darwin c

Darwin is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering at SFSU.  He spends his time at PlayBow wearing many different hats while helping care for the dogs, safely running play groups, and also putting into play his design skills working as part of the app development team at PlayBow.  He will be attending the Trish King Academy of Dog Behavior, and has completed the Dog Gurus' safety program, and occasionally puts his creative skills to use to improve the aesthetics of the facility.


Darwin's Interview 

What is your dream dog? Breed, age, name, activity level, etc.? 

"I would love to have a tricolored Cardigan Welsh Corgi one day. I love dogs that typically have high levels of energy simply because it tends to match my own, plus he would be very short and stubby, just seeing him/her would put a smile on my face. Although, ever since I can remember I have always wanted a Basset Hound; I would love to get a Basset Hound puppy and a Corgi puppy, Copper and Joffrey (of course Joffrey would be the corgi)"

How do people react when you tell them you work at a doggy daycare? 

"I don't think I can fully express how much joy I get out of telling people I work at a dog daycare. Yes we do have dog weddings, and they are strangely entertaining. Yes we do have birthday parties for the dogs, but seeing them enjoy themselves like they're little kids is very rewarding. I love the weird looks, and perplexed faces my friends give me when I start talking about my job, I guess it's something not a lot of people do, but taking care of any animal has always been fun for me"