HandyMan / remodeling contractor 

Do you love to build new structures, like fences and walls?  Are you knowledgeable about concrete, and can build fences into concrete?  Are you good at installing flooring, like rubber and vinyl floors?  Are you good at making the floors waterproof, along the seams, edges, and walls?  Do you also love to fix things around the house, like the bathroom and kitchen?

Do you also happen to love dogs?

If you answered yes to all these things, we need your help. We are a dog daycare business, and we have lots of physical projects to work on. We would like to build a large fence so the dogs can run around and play outside. Our goal is to help the dogs be as happy and comfortable as possible while they are staying with us. There are also many things to fix, and many things that need to be maintained and painted.  An important part of daycare is also the flooring, both inside and outside, so being skilled with flooring is critical.

If you are interested in helping us do all this physical but rewarding work, please email us with the following information in your cover letter to: woof@playbowdogs.com

  • Your contact information

  • Are you seeking full-time or part-time, and which days

  • Why you would be excited to work with us?

  • What kind of dogs do you like?

  • What kinds of things have you built?

  • What kind of power tools do you know how to use?

  • What kinds of things in a house do you know how to fix

  • Have you done any landscaping?  If so, what kind?


You must have the following attributes:

  • Hard worker

  • Good at following directions

  • Speak some (50%) english so you can understand directions

  • If needed, you should be happy to help us take care of the dogs

  • Keep all your work areas clean and tidy, especially at the end of the day

  • Able to lift 80 lbs

  • Able to carry heavy equipment up and down a steep hill

  • Able to work alone after receiving directions

  • Work various power tools, including: Jackhammer, Chainsaw, Circular saw, Power drills, Chop saw

Our current compensation range is $40K - $60K, depending on skills and experience.

Health care benefits are also available