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Jennifer L. 

Jennifer is a graduate of UC Davis, majoring in Psychology, who spent much of her free time at the Sacramento SPCA training shelter dogs throughout college.  She is a graduate of the Trish King Academy of Dog Behavior, has completed the Dog Gurus' safety program, as well as numerous courses in animal biology and zoology.  As part of PlayBow’s management team, she regularly joins Lindesay and other team members to attend conferences on dog behavior and research. Currently, when she’s not at PlayBow or in class for dog behavior, she volunteers for Guide Dogs For The Blind in their maternal care program.


Jennifer's Interview - 

Whats your favorite training game to play with the dogs? 

"One game in particular that I like to do is "Go Find It". I'll throw a bunch of treats on the floor and tell the dogs to "Go find it?". it is fun watching them try to sniff where the treats landed. A lot of times the dogs miss some of the treats. I also like to teach the dogs how to spin. Some are able to get it faster than others"

How do people react when you tell them you work at a doggy daycare?

"When I tell someone that I work at a doggy daycare, almost every time they say "Oh how fun!". I sometimes feel like they are envious of what I do for a living"