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Lindesay Green 

Lindesay is a graduate of the Trish King Academy of Dog Behavior, and has over 15 years of animal care experience — working at a local zoo, a small farm, fostering rescues, and supervising multiple daycare and overnight facilities.  Lindesay has big dreams for all the families with dogs in San Francisco. She aims to provide lifelong social skills for all the dogs she meets, and to help their families learn the joy of living a good life with their dogs.


Lindsey's Interview

What accomplishment are you most proud of while working at PlayBow?

" I’m most proud of our excellent safety record.  I really feel that the more individualized attention, and our method of matchmaking has helped immensely in providing a significantly safer environment for the dogs than if we operated differently.  Also, I believe our team’s intelligence, quickness, and incredible skills in observation makes all the difference. We spend a lot of time together discussing canine behavior, body language, and what’s healthy dog-dog communication.  We even review security footage of our own playgroups to evaluate what and how we can improve"

What’s your favorite training game to play with the dogs?

"I love playing focus games and impulse control games.  It’s frustrating a little at first, until you (as the human) develop good timing and a good intuition for it.  But then the dogs will start to get it. I live for that brilliant AHA! moment I see in their eyes when they finally understand the rules of the “game” I’m playing with them.  When that happens, it’s so satisfying to watch them sit politely at doors, to use a gentle mouth, to wait patiently beside me until I give them a release cue, and the best is when they stop jumping impulsively.  I also enjoy practicing leash manners, but it’s not something that is easy to do in playgroups, so I don’t do it as frequently. Impulse control, however, is a key part of good socialization, so it’s very easy to practice and work on in play groups"