Don’t tell anybody, but here’s the secret sauce for keeping dogs safe and happy at daycare.



Our matchmaking service is the key to introducing your pup to lifelong furry friends. At PlayBow, we recognize that there are just as many dog personalities as there are people personalities. To help each dog feel as comfortable as possible with his or her playmates, we keep playgroups small, and closely monitor each dog's body language. Rather than lump together all large dogs, and all small dogs, we get to know each dog's personality, who their best friends are, and play matchmaker.


Polite Play

As they say, prevention is the best medicine. At PlayBow, we prevent accidents by encouraging polite communication between the dogs. Much like reminding small children the importance of sharing, or saying “excuse me”, or “please”, we encourage the dogs to keep their interactions polite and friendly. This requires us to recognize subtle signals of discomfort, bullying, or shyness. When needed, we step in to ensure the dogs are playing politely.

Polite play is also how we derived our name. A "playbow" is a downward stance or posture used by dogs to signal friendly intentions, incite play or continue play behavior. It looks like a downward dog pose in yoga. This behavior even translates well between humans and dogs (be honest, we know you’ve tried a playbow in front of your dog — don’t worry, we do it too). The way your dog sees it, a playbow is the simple translation of “Let’s be furrriends!”


Positive Reinforcement

We believe dogs are more than just wrestle-monsters. They have clever minds, quick wits, and inspiring curiosity. These are important elements of each dog’s personality, and we incorporate games and activities throughout the day to supplement their daily exercise with a broad spectrum of stimulation. We do not use force-based methods of dog handling such as intimidation, punishment, and infliction of pain. Instead, we keep it safe and fun, with delicious rewards for paw-fect behavior!