Tom H.

tl;dr These people care about your dog and you, and they will go above and beyond to make your life easier

* They match your dog with a playgroup and supervise them carefully with a nice ratio of people to dogs so your dog is not at risk for (1) developing bad behaviors like jumping or losing control and (2) getting in a fight with another dog
* Isabelle and the rest of the team are incredibly accommodating to your needs as a dog owner. Staying at work late and need your dog taken home? They're on it. Have something going on early in the morning and need your dog to be picked up? They can help you out. Family emergency and you need to leave and have your dog boarded overnight immediately? They have your back. Dog recovering from surgery/illness and needs some special care while in daycare, they know the drill. They make caring for a dog in the city much less stressful because I know that if I have something come up, they will be able to help me out
* The dog supervisors are awesome people and love working with dogs. Everyone I have met there is so friendly and warm. My dog LOVES them and is so happy to go there each morning and I am happy that we have a place where he can be cared for during the day when I am gone with people that he cares about and who care for him! Its really hard to understate how valuable this is, these people really genuinely love dogs and know how to work with them.
* They work wonderfully with puppies as well, and their spay/neuter policy was quite generous in allowing us to get Bummer neutered when we wanted and when he was a healthy age for it, not some arbitrary 6 month deadline like most daycares in the city.

* TBH, there is none that I can think of. If you're looking for a dog daycare, this is the place to go.

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