Deb R.

I LOVE this place! My dog, Buster, has been going here every weekday since January. When you first bring your dog in, they do a full evaluation of behavior and provide you with a report about your dogs social skills and temperament. This was really interesting information for me and it also speaks to the personalized and thoughtful service they provide to each dog. For Buster, based on the evaluation, they were able to provide him some accommodations so that he would have a good time at day care even though he has major separation anxiety. In the past he had chewed off patches of fur when left alone, but he has had no problems at PlayBow. Instead, he is always excited to walk in and to see the staff and the other dogs. All of the staff are incredibly friendly, patient, and loving towards Buster and towards the other dogs. They take the dogs on walks every day and there is a play area upstairs. The people are all incredibly sweet, the prices are very reasonable, and the care they give the dogs is exceptional! They also take super cute photos of the dogs which they share :) I highly recommend this place!

(Yelp review)