Regina C.

This review long over due I been taking my husky here for a while. I really love this daycare the workers there really care about the dogs, and they know each dog very well. The ratio of workers here with dogs is what really helps to make sure the doggies are safely playing with one another, which makes a big difference! I think what makes this daycare better than many is everyone seem to enjoy what there doing here. I also board my husky with Playbow for a long trip that I took in November. The team send me emails and updated me with tons pictures, while I was over sea. As for the reviewer that mention sleepover take place in the daycare is totally wrong. The dogs do sleepovers at Lindesay's place the owner of daycare after long day playing "they do not stay alone in daycare so no the workers are not lying there's no sleepover taking place in daycare" So if your looking for a good daycare for your doggie this def the place.

(Yelp review)