Hermine W.

PlayBow is a doggie daycare facility that is a real cut above the rest. And trust me, I checked out three other well-regarded facilities in San Francisco before finding PlayBow. They have become part of our extended family, and if you send your pup there, I'm sure they will soon become part of yours.

My French Bulldog generally fits in easily daycare facilities, but I wanted to be sure that she would also be engaged and stimulated throughout her time there. PlayBow is just that kind of place. They aren't just chaperoning a day-long recess. They are constantly interacting with the dogs, providing them with all sorts of enrichment activities, monitoring their individual energy levels, breaking up their day with play in small groups, large groups, and rest. They are all amazingly attentive and it shows in how much Stella loves them. There is a real bond that the caretakers take time to develop and cultivate with each and every dog.

You'll be able to discern the level of care and attention from the very first day that your dog is with them. They require that every dog go through a day-long assessment with them before accepting them into the program. When you go to pick up your puppy at the end of the day, they'll give you a complete readout of your puppy's day: which puppies your dog enjoyed playing with most, how your puppy engaged with others, how she spent her time. They'll also give you a written report of the day along with some super-adorable pictures of her running around with her new friends. It's an amazing amount of detail and careful observation.

They also have an app you can download that will give you a live video feed of your puppy during some of the large play group times. You'll get to see for yourself how friendly and loving everyone is with your pup, and you'll get to see for yourself the other dogs your puppy is playing with that day. If I'm around my phone, I love being able to check in on Stella and see her playing her heart out.

When I recently welcomed a human baby into the family, PlayBow's pickup and delivery service has been an indispensable blessing. And when they drop her off, they'll chat with me about who she played with and how she spent her time, just as if I had gone in to pick her up.

PlayBow also sets up a little booth at the Stonestown farmers market on Sunday where they'll watch and play with your dog (for free!) while you do your shopping. In case you're on the fence about checking them out, this is a nice (and no commitment) way to just observe how they are with the dogs, and what individualized (and loving)!attention they give each dog they encounter.

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